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Custom-tailored liquidity solutions for private market portfolios in Asia Pacific



We provide flexible, patient, and solutions-oriented capital to Limited and General Partners. Our comprehensive set of secondaries solutions ranges from the acquisition of limited partnership interests to recapitalization of closed-ended funds and joint ventures. As a highly specialized liquidity provider, we understand complexity and deliver custom-tailored outcomes that match your needs.



We believe that trust is the very foundation of every successful transaction. Limited and General Partners view us as a genuine and well-respected counterparty, that is able to transact on a fair, timely and confidential basis. We believe our reputation and ability to execute quickly and at scale are powerful competitive advantages.


For Limited Partners

Acquisition of Limited Partner interests in single funds or multi-fund portfolios, including assuming the unfunded obligations of the seller.

Acquisition of a stake in a single asset joint venture, portfolio of direct investments, or other illiquid interests.

Partial sales of an investor’s interest in single funds, multi-fund portfolios, single asset joint ventures, or portfolios of direct investments.

Flexible liquidity solutions to investors in exchange for a preferred return, typically secured against single assets or portfolios of assets.

Flexible liquidity solutions for private markets investors involving a full exit of their exposure while sharing upside based on future performance.

Liquidity solutions for private markets investors whereby part of the purchase price is paid upfront with a certain amount paid at a later time.


For General Partners

Transfer of remaining assets from an existing fund into a newly established continuation vehicle. Typically undertaken where remaining assets require more time or capital to maximize value creation or to support a potential restructuring of the portfolio assets.

Transfer of single assets from existing funds into newly established continuation vehicles. Typically undertaken where assets in a fund require more time or capital to maximize value creation or to support a potential restructuring of the assets.

Transfer of a percentage of a fund’s portfolio into a new vehicle. The new vehicle can be capitalized with additional follow-on commitment and allows the General Partner to lock in a valuation, receive liquidity, and provide new and existing investors further upside.

A coordinated option for a GP to provide all or a portion of the Limited Partners with liquidity through a market-priced tender offer for their fund interests which typically include a fund life extension and a reappraisal of other fund terms.

A flexible financing solution that provides capital to a fund in exchange for a preferred return. Typically used for a mature portfolio requiring follow-on capital to maximize value creation, or to catalyse distributions.

Tailored liquidity solutions to General Partners, including the acquisition of direct minority ownership positions, provision of GP seed capital, enabling GP spin-outs, financing GP commitments, as well as other strategic partnerships.

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