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Aquilius is an asset manager dedicated to the secondaries market in Asia Pacific

Aquilius was created to provide liquidity solutions for private markets investors in Asia

We are a flexible, reliable liquidity partner with deep domain expertise in Asia Pacific. We created Aquilius to help Limited and General Partners with their specific needs in the illiquid private markets in the region. We work hard to understand the unique circumstances of a given transaction and provide solutions-oriented, long-term capital swiftly, reliably, and discreetly.

We believe that secondaries investing is a compelling way to invest in Asia Pacific

We established Aquilius to provide investors access to Asia Pacific’s private markets at an attractive risk profile through a highly institutional, responsible investment platform. We strive to create stable and broadly diversified asset portfolios across sectors, vintage years, and geographies and invest with care and diligence to achieve attractive long-term returns.


Flexible, patient, and solutions-oriented capital to Limited and General Partners.

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A differentiated access to private markets in Asia Pacific for institutional investors.

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Our team has decades of experience at leading private equity firms, investing in Asia’s private capital markets

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Average years of experience in
Asia Pacific across leadership team

US$ 2B+

Liquidity solutions provided by leadership team


“Aquilius was purposefully designed with the vision to provide more liquidity for investors in Asia’s complex and growing private capital markets. We believe that our strong partnership mindset, our deep knowledge of the local operating landscape, and our ability to execute with speed and certainty set us apart from others in the marketplace.” Bastian Wolff Founding Partner


The name Aquilius derives from Aquila, which in Latin means eagle and represents the bird that carried Jupiter’s thunderbolts in Roman mythology. It is powerful, intelligent, and truthful. Keeping to what the eagle stands for, our culture is driven by our courage and vision, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our integrity.